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Why New Jersey Is the Place If You Have a Business on Your Mind

By Julie Morris, Guest Contributor and Author

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Why New Jersey Is the Place If You Have a Business on Your Mind

Looking to launch a business in a location with plenty to offer business-wise but that also is attractive for the family? Here's why New Jersey is a great contender for your new business.

The cost of living in New Jersey

You'll want to be as informed as you can about the cost of living in New Jersey. Generally, you can expect the cost of living to be higher than the national average, but it goes without saying that you can find certain towns in New Jersey that are cheaper than others, such as Vineland, Hightstown, New Brunswick, and Philipsburg. On the whole, New Jersey is not the cheapest when it comes to rentals, so keep this information in mind when factoring everything into your labor costs. In terms of the median price of properties you're likely to find in this area, you can expect to pay around $470,000 for a decent family home.

They are particularly proud of their community

You’ll want the support of like-minded entrepreneurs, especially if you're going into business for the first time. New Jersey comes out on top when it comes to the support of the community for business owners. People also love their cities in general, as evidenced by the numerous community events and activities that happen year-round, such as the Bastille and Riverfest celebrations. Also, if you're looking for organizations that can support your entrepreneurial pursuits, look no further than the following options.

Quality of living in New Jersey

Suppose you're looking for a family-friendly city that has plenty to offer in terms of excellent schooling and plenty of recreational activities. In that case, you're sure to find this in heaps and spades in this vibrant, multicultural city. Below are just some of the things you can look forward to if you had to set up your business and home here: