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Maseratis, Jaguars, Mercedes, Investments, Swimming Pools…. Getting Caught for PPP/EIDL Fraud.

Updated: May 25, 2022

The List Grows…. More Frontline Zeroes of the Pandemic.

In recent weeks, I have been writing about how some small business owners took advantage of the generous funding to help small businesses during the height of the pandemic (The Zeroes of the Pandemic). Each day, more and more light is being shed about those who have defrauded our nation with EIDL or PPP fraud and again, I wanted to share more examples of what some people tried to get away with that in essence, shut out many of our clients and small business owners who deserved PPP or EIDL funds. In most cases, their actions made it easy for the government to catch.

Part III – An addition to the Small Business Owners (Real or Fake) Who Are Accused or Convicted of the Largest EIDL/PPP/CARES Act Fraud

By Thomas W. Tramaglini, Managing Director at BRP Onesta