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7 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Be Ready for When Applying for A Grant

Small business grants opportunities are out there! In this post we address some critical things that might serve as a roadblock to a small business owner getting the grant they apply for.

By Thomas W. Tramaglini, Managing Director at BRP Onesta About Thomas Tramaglini

Grants: They are out there - but are you ready?

Small business owners ask us all the time for grants which they can apply for that will support their new or established business. That is why we always keep an updated list of grants on our website which every small business owner should visit regularly.

Yet, in many cases small business owners are not successful in attaining a grant.

Grants represent a great way to access capital for a business, however there are several things which small business owners should be aware of before applying. Below, we provide a list of some important things which will help any small business owner in their pursuit of a small business grant.

1. Do your research

The people who provide Grants to small businesses are usually from non-profits or the government. In most cases grants have a specific purpose. Many times, small business owners will just “Apply” for a grant without seeing what type of grant is out there. One simple thing to do is to use a grant database to find the right program to apply for.

We have a few grant databases here to conduct your search

Grantors want to give funds to those who help the organization reach its goals. Some of the best examples are grants that support minority small businesses or veterans. If you are neither then don’t apply because you surely will get rejected.