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We are asked questions all of the time regarding what type of documents are required for funding.  Typically, the required documents needed for funding vary depending on the program.  While we disclose that programming drives documentation, below are documents which may be asked for and can be used in your loan submissions:

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Business Debt Schedule
A general Business Debt Schedule should include short and long term liabilities which a business may have.  The schedule should include loans, credit card bills, merchant cash advances, and equipment liabilities.  What is important is that our underwriters know balances, original costs, payment frequency, as well as interest rate.
Personal Financial Statement
A personal financial statement is a general form which provides a list of assets and liabilities of a borrower.  The form should include everything from cash on hand, investments, loans, and debt.
Rent Roll Information
The Rent Roll information template is a form that we use when we are conducting a real estate transaction, such as a portfolio loan, cash out refi, or consolidation loan using real estate.  
Supplemental Schedule Real Estate Owned
A supplemental schedule of real estate provides a list of property which a borrower who is looking to leverage assets, refinance their property, fix and flip or rent a house, and in some cases complete a portfolio loan.  This information provides underwriters a detailed list of properties owned and being used in a transaction
BRP Onesta Application
The BRP Onesta Application is what our company uses to collect information regarding the business owner, what he or she is looking to do, as well as a provision for our team to work on your file.
Debt Schedule
Supplemental RE
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