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Level 2 Trade Vendors

Level 2 Trade vendors that provide business credit tradelines to businesses who have established basic business credit tradelines.  We recommend that you have at least 3 tradelines reporting before you apply for Level 2 tradelines.

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Reports to:



To Qualify:

– Entity in good standing with Secretary of State
– Business credit history
– EIN number with IRS
– Business address- matching everywhere.
– D&B Number
– Business License- if applicable
– Business Bank account
– The company must be established for at least 90 days
– Must have a good D&B paydex score of 80 or higher
– Must not have negative payment experiences reported to business credit bureaus.
– The company must be registered with the respective state and in good standing.
– Must have a completed professional business website
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NET 30

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To Apply: 


Phone Number:

(773) 727-5898

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