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Level 1 Trade Vendors

Level 1 Trade vendors are vendors that provide business credit tradelines without previous business credit.  Subsequently, business credit is provided based on the credibility of your business.

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Reports to:



To Qualify:

'-Entity in good standing with Secretary of State
-EIN number with IRS
-Business address- matching everywhere.
-DUNS number
-Business License- if applicable
-Business Bank account
-Listed in 411



*Perfect for Level 1 Tradeline
*Inexpensive tradeline that reports to all 3 business credit bureaus either monthly or quarterly, depending on how you set up the payments.

NAV is an outstanding company who provides a host of services, most specifically business credit monitoring.

This tradeline is for business credit monitoring - Business Boost. The cost for the services is $39 per month and the value is granular business credit information as well as reporting to all three business credit bureaus.

***Special Note – NAV will try to sell business owners funding or loans from your reporting. 1) Preferably, do not add your bank account or your personal credit if you can; 2) Do not apply for funding through NAV as the loans and products are around 20%-50% interest.

Set up Nav account and then login - at top of screen select upgrade and choose business boost.

To Apply: 


Phone Number:

(855) 226-8388

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