Non-Reporting Tradelines

At times your businesses may need ​additional financing for your business.  While these accounts are outstanding partners to work with, the creditors will not report to build your credit with the bureaus. The creditors will however, approve your business for a credit account based on your already established business credit.

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Reports to:





To Apply: 


To Qualify:

– Entity in good standing with Secretary of State
– EIN number with IRS
– Business address- matching everywhere.
– D & B number
– Business License- if applicable
– Business Bank account
– PG required
– Trade reference
– Business Account Card Authorization Designation Form
– Min. of 2 years in the business
– New Business Account Addendum
– Wire Transfer Authorization
– Need to have a Personal membership for 6 months.
– Need to live or work in one of their community charter specific areas: Lake& McHenry County, Cook County -North of 95th, Illinois and Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

We are the fastest growing credit Union in 35 years, however, we still hold individual member satisfaction as the greatest measure of our success. We want your banking experience to be authentic and friendly, which is why our products let you bank in confidence, and our service gives you peace of mind.

As a not-for-profit, BCU members are also owners, and we strive to make sure you always feel like one. Our passion is empowering everyone to discover financial freedom. All we’re missing is you!

Phone Number:

(800) 388-7000