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*Applying for any financial product is not guaranteed or binding until you sign documents from the lender.  All information is protected and secured.  We do not sell your data or information to 3rd parties in any capacity. 


Total Merchant Resources



Tier 2 lenders are a mix with Tier 1 requirements but add in risk. Most Tier 2 deals are daily or weekly payment. Lenders will offer lower rates and in many cases, they want shorter terms. Many Tier 2 lenders ask for few stips in funding and will add e

Product (s):

Merchant Cash Advance | Line of Credit Hybrid


4 Months to 12 Months


21% to 40%

Lending Amounts:

$10K to $250K

Funding Speed:

24 Hours

What is required to apply?

Application | 3 Months of Business Bank Statements

Restricted Industries
(Lender does not fund these industries)

Non-Profits | Real Estate Sales | Auto sales Lawyers | Gas | Station | Collection Agencies | Financial Services | AG and Farming

Hard Pull on Credit:


Min Time in Business:

3 Months

Minimum Monthly Revenue Required:


Max Tax Liens:


Funds Those With Satisfied Judgements:


Origination Costs:


Typical Stips for Funding:

Business Voided Check or Bank Letter with Routing and Account Number | Owner's Drivers License | Copy of Signed Lease | Taxes if over $100K



Total Merchant Resources



To apply for this business financing program, please complete the initial form below.  Upon submitting the information required for the lender, you will be emailed the application to review and sign.  

*Completing the application does not bind you to any loan product and after submission, a review will be conducted by our underwriters.   Upon full approval, final stipulations will be submitted and funding will occur thereafter.

***Shortly after your application is signed and submitted, one of our underwriters will be directly reaching out to you to go over your approval, as well as collect any other documents as requested by the lender.  If you are interested in applying for more than 1 loan product for your business, there is no need to submit another application.  Instead, just indicate to our underwriter you would like to do so and we will submit your application automatically.

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