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What is a Small Business Loan

Unsecured Financing is financing that does not carry any type of collateral requirements for the borrower. These loans are typically not personal guaranteed and are of higher risk.

Program Details

Merchant advances are just like revenue lending except they only look at your merchant account sales for qualification. This means they look at your credit card sales only to determine your approval amount, not cash and check deposits like with revenue lending.

This type of financing is easier to qualify than revenue lending. You can usually get approved with only $5,000 in monthly revenue and 6 months in business, where revenue lending requires one year in business and over $10,000 in revenue. In most cases the lending source will request that you change your merchant processor to their source, this is the company you process your credit cards with.

You can get approved with a FICO score as low as 500, and without collateral. Approval and funding can be obtained in as little as 48 hours with a bank and merchant statement review. Rates are generally higher with merchant advances than with revenue lending, but then again approval is easier.

Loan Amounts

$2,000 and Up

How Hard to Get?


How Fast?

Required to Qualify

Consistent Cash Flow, at least $5,000 in monthly deposits, fewer than 5 NSFs in last 30 days.

Type of Program


30 Mins - 2 Days

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