Business Financing Programs



Program Description

Sometimes you might have large orders to fill but do not have or want to use your cash flow to pay for the supplies needed to fulfill those orders. Purchase order financing is a short-term finance option that provides capital so you can pay your suppliers upfront, so your company does not have to deplete cash reserves.

Purchase Order Financing is extremely easy to qualify for as you will not need financials or good credit to get approved.

For approval, lenders will typically do a quick review of your outstanding purchase orders that need filled. If the purchase orders are valid and the suppliers you are dealing with are credible, you can be approved regardless of personal credit history. You can obtain financing for up to 95% of the value of your purchase orders. And rates are typically less than 4%. In many cases, we can get rates below 2% and even lower to earn your business.

Required to Qualify

Purchase orders totaling $10,000 +

Loan Amounts

$10,000- $1,000,000