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What is Equipment and Vehicle Small Business Financing?

Equipment and Vehicle Financing is a great way for small businesses to grow by securing term products intended for equipment or vehicles for your business. Approvals are based on an assortment of factors including a soft pull on credit and time in business.

Program Details

A recent Gallup survey found that 80% of U.S. businesses lease or purchase a portion of their equipment. The list of companies using leasing ranges from the Fortune 500 to the family store. This type of equipment financing can be used to purchase equipment, giving you the ability to pay small monthly payments instead of handing out a large amount of cash for the purchase.

You can obtain equipment financing for startup and existing businesses. You can get approved even with challenged credit, you will not need financials to secure equipment financing, and approvals take as little as 24 hours.​

You can be approved for Equipment Financing with as low as a 550 personal credit score. To get approved, lenders will request details on the equipment you are obtaining or using as collateral to borrow against. After a quick credit review you can be approved for as much as $2,000,000 in equipment financing, depending on the lender.

Loan Amounts

$20,000 and up

How Hard to Get?


How Fast?

Required to Qualify

Collateral; Personal Credit above 600; Business Credit

Type of Program


1-3 days

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