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Asset-Based Loan

Asset-based loans are loans that are collateralized with either equipment or real estate.  Loans that have collateral attached to it are usually cheaper than regular term loans and less risks for lenders to provide funds. 

Asset-based loans for small business owners can be a great way to access lower-cost working capital and the terms can be beneficial as well.  Also, asset-based loans usually carry simple monthly interest, which means you pay interest by the month, not the term.  If the borrower pays the loan back earlier, they can save on the interest as they do not pay the months that they do not have the loan.  This is a similar loan product to a line of credit.

Average Range for Borrowing:

  • $100,000 to $500,000


  • Simple Monthly Interest (starting at 1.5% per month)

Credit Score Requirement:

  • None

To apply for pre-qualification (no credit pull) for a Asset-Based Loan complete the form to your left.

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